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You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “jack of all trades and master of none”? Well, that’s just doesn’t apply to us. We believe strongly in “the right man for the job” and that’s why we partner up with organisations who can better perform in areas we don’t profess to be experts in.

As a group of technical wizards we often get asked about website design but just because we know about computers and systems doesn’t mean we know about design. Just in the same way that we don’t know how to run a bank, design skyscrapers or control the airspace above Heathrow, yet all these things also rely heavily upon the technology we sell, install and maintain.

Getting your voice heard

In a world that is increasingly filled with superfluous communication getting your ideas and business approach over to your clients is increasingly difficult. South can put their fingertips on century of design experience and knowledge between them. Far more than just web designers they have an extended team of related skills just like we do here at ICT but their overlap extends in areas we would never touch like illustrators, 3D modellers, photographers, copywriters and project managers capable of dealing with creative types throwing their toys out of their prams so, essentially you wont have to.

They build a team that is best suited to your needs so you don’t end up paying for skills and specialized people you don’t use. Using an approach like this gets the job you need done and your voice out there loud and clear. They don’t have flashy offices with stainless steel welcome desks and super-model like receptionists sat behind them either!

One decision that’s easy to make

Just like outsourcing your IT, outsourcing your design is a pretty simple decision to make. Yes, of course you can get your niece who studied graphics at school to whip you up a logo in exchange for a new camera or just becuse she gets some real life experience. But should you? Hell no! Just as we hope you wouldn’t dream of getting that bloke you met in the pub to create your back-up strategy and client database structure, but believe us it does happen.

A decade ago creating websites was both technical and a bit of a black art and to some extent it still is. We used to create websites for our clients in the early days but very quickly found that technical capability was just the tip of the iceburg. Today we recommend South and their team. We’ve worked directly with them, in fact the site you are reading this on was put together by Guy, one of the founders and directors there.

  • Great friendly team
  • Good value
  • Skilled and adaptive
  • Experience in print & web
  • Flexible & creative

They have worked with several of our clients over the years in fact that’s how we met and quickly hit it off as companies who have similar values. They are reasonably priced,  good value, skilled and have been around a couple of years longer than we have proving that their approach can weather storm, recession and everything the world has thrown at small business in these fast paced times.

So if you are looking to start a new compnay, refresh you brand or website we think these are the guys to chat to.

South Design Ltd

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