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Outsourced IT support based in South London

Dedicated On-site Time

ICT Partnerships offer a bespoke support solution for any client that we look after as we appreciate the varying needs of every organisation. We believe that in order to create the best ongoing partnership possible regular scheduled […]

Managed Service Desk

We utilise an integrated Managed Service Desk/Helpdesk within all organisations that we support. This allows for industry best practice in fault and request tracking. ICT also utilise a cloud based project management system for more detailed ongoing […]

24/7 Business Critical Cover

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Our aim is to provide affordable solutions and a service level you would expect as a large enterprise to medium and small organisations. We can even spread the cost of your support to meet your budgeting needs.


Our team is highly skilled and highly professional and if we can’t resolve your issue straight away we’ll attempt to provide an alternative option until we can get you back up and running.

Day & Night

We aim to keep staffing levels at a point where we always have capacity. Day or night, someone will be here to start working on a solution to your problem.


We keep ourselves trained and up to speed on current, past and future technologies as much as we can so you don’t have to. We can advise on strategy for both hardware and software.